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Jay, in collaboration with builder Dave Piontek, did the engineering and design of the innovative TwinTech "fun car."  Dave's company will be doing the fabrication of the F1000 conversion kit.

The TwinTech is the perfect crossover vehicle from the Harley-Davidson cruisers to high performance sports cars.  The heart of the TwinTech is 124 cu. in. S&S Cycle V-Twin engine that everyone knows as a Harley-Davidson.  Coupled to a sequential shift formula car transmission, the engine provides awesome low-end torque that other motorcycle powered cars can only dream of.

Designed as a high-end minimalist vehicle, there are billet suspension components, oval tube control arms, huge Wilwood brakes, lightweight forged wheels, carbon fiber fender and body panels and comfortable, supportive seating.  Want to customize it to your tastes?  No problem.  Flaming paintwork, chrome or motorcycle motifs (skulls, crosses etc.) all look great on a TwinTech.  Engine options range from a stock 1340 cc Harley to over 2000cc (aftermarket) with supercharges and turbochargers.  Right hand drive is available too.  

The chassis is “NASCAR strong” formed from 1 ¾” DOM (Drawn Over Mandrel) tubing.  All the tubes are formed into large radius sweeps that gives this chassis its distinctive shape that is attractive and functional.  Optimal weight distribution of 50-50 (48 front – 52 rear with the driver) and state of the art suspension geometry provide world class handling without compromising the ride quality.

One can see detail photos at the TwinTech website.

For more information contact:

Dave Piontek